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By | December 23, 2016
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Apple Inc. generally known as Apple has managed to be one of the most successful companies of the world inspite the competition in electronic media. With the latest technology and mind boggling features its products are irreplaceable. Once people start using Apple products they do not wish to use any other product which is not a result of Apple’s technology. It is presumed that the best part about Apple products is that it is user friendly.  The products make it simple for the consumer to use the product by reducing the decision making on various topics. There are not many options available and hence it does not involve confusing decisions. The engineers working for the company have to ensure that the product will be used by them on a regular basis and therefore shall be user friendly.  While the technology of Apple stays way ahead of its competitors, the company does not shy away from creating more innovative features which are way beyond the minds of its competitors. Features like fingerprint scanning, no wires air earphones are wonderful to use and create a whole new level of privacy and coolness at the same time for the Apple users. Following are some of the facts which have not been known to the common man about the products of Apple.

LG V20 Build and Design

LG V20 Build and Design

First iPhone: The first ever iPhone was conceptualised in the year 1983 when a computer developer designed a landline that reflected iPhone and iPad Features today. It was never developed further and never came into the notice but it can be thought that Apple had already started with the ideas of iPhone.

Co-Founder: Many people know that apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, but there was a 3rd Co-Founder Ronald Wayne. Wayne left the company 12 days after it was founded and sold his 10% shares for $800.

Silhouette of Artist: In the Music application there is a silhouette at the Artists icon on your iPhone or iPod. This image may seem similar because the silhouette is of U2 lead singer, Bono. The reason behind this is that Bono was once close with Steve Jobs. He also filmed an iPod commercial.

Code Name: Purple was the code name for the first two year development project at the time of making the first iPhone. This was a secret project for over $150 million. Only thirty people knew that an activity like this was taking place. iPhone developers called their section in the Apple Headquarters as the Purple Dorm. Scott Forstall was given free rein to assemble a team of his choice, although there was one rule that he couldn’t hire anyone outside Apple. Scott thereafter handpicked the best engineers and while selecting also he could not tell them what was the project on which they’d be working on but only that it required hard work and sometimes they’d have to give up their nights. Secrecy was paramount on the iPhone project therefore the name given to the iPhone was M68.

iPad Project: It is to be noted that the company started the research to build a tablet and not a phone. The engineers were required to work on a Tablet design with a virtual keyboard. When the engineers came back to him with a device featuring multi-touch functionality, Jobs applied that technology to a phone and it was years later iPad came into existence.

Logo: Before launching the iPhone, apple needing a partner approached Verizon (broadband telecommunications company and largest U.S. wireless communication). Although Verizon did not wish to cede any control to Apple, therefore the partnership was later done with AT&T who needed an exclusive smartphone to remain strong in the market of telecommunication. Hence, the company agreed to all the stringent demands of Apple, one of them being that Apple would only house its own logo and not that of a carrier.  The company was named as Apple because Steve Jobs loved the fruit and the designer of the logo presented two versions to Jobs who liked the one with the bite.  Also for many years the logo in apple computers was upside down, but it was then flipped in 1990s for it looked better in Hollywood movies.

Midnight Manufacture: It is said that when the company launched the original iPhone, there was a last minute change to redesign the display. Over 8,000 workers had to rise up at midnight to complete fitting the new displays and within 96 hours the plant was rolling out 10,000 iPhones a day.

Time Magazine: In the year 2007 the Apple iPhone was considered the Invention of the Year by Time Magazine. This was a big step for the company as it revolutionised their whole empire.

Download the app: One of the most important features of iPhone was that there existed an App Store wherein, the users could download ios apps for free or with a fee.

Default time: If one observes closely, all iPhone advertisements show the device time set to 9:41 always. The theory behind this was explained as that Apple events start at 9am and the ads are timed to appear about 40 minutes into the presentations, although the presentation is not always finished in time therefore grace period of 1 minute is considered.  This is also the time Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone.

Samsung: Even though Samsung and Apple are archrivals in the smartphone arena, but Apple and Samsung are contracting parties. The computer chips used by Apple come from Samsung, although in the recent years Apple has tried to lessen its reliance on Samsung.

Jail Break: The jail-breaking software named Cydia was named after the worm Cydia Pomonella, the most common apple worm. Jay Freeman the creator for the same thought he was being clever naming the software after the worm.

Patents: Apple has owned over 200 patents relating to the iPhone’s technology since its release in the year 2007.

First call: At the time of inducing the iPhone to the world Apple CEO made a prank call to the nearby Starbucks ordering 4,000 Lattes, although he cancelled it immediately.

Therefore, these are the interesting facts relating to the same.


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Unknown Facts About iOS & iPhone | Everything You Should Know About ~
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