Top 5 Pros & Cons of iphone 7 Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Comparison

By | December 7, 2016
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus

Top 5 Pros & Cons of iphone 7 Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Comparison – The latest update coming into the market is just trending the internet world while it may be a good news for all the Samsung and iphone lover, that from both the side you will be able to hear that Samsung Group has developed  and soon launching a new model of Galaxy Note 7 Edge with some of the extra and advance features into it while on the other hand the stunning device iPhone 7 Pro is about to launch in the same year just few days after the release of Galaxy Note 7.

According to rumours spread from last few months that the iPhone 7 will get released in the 1st segment of iphone 7 Plus but his has proved to be wrong the first ever model of iPhone 7 Pro will get launched and then the remaining one and on the other hand Samsung announced its launched of note 7 in this year but the release date was not yet to be fixed. Now the official video of Galaxy Note 7 has just got released on their youtube channel and but still the exact date of launch has not yet disclose by the officials.

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As both these phones are getting release in the same year, just one or two months ahead of each other so it is now going to be tough competition between both of them. As always there is a comparison created between the Samsung and Apple device with respect to phones so now the buyers will be confused which to buy and which not to because iPhone 7 Pro and Galaxy Note 7 has their own qualities and features build up in them.

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Here in this article we writing some useful pros and cons about iphone 7 Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Comparison which will be useful for you while purchasing any of the device.

iphone 7 Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Comparison

iphone 7 Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Comparison

iphone 7 Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Comparison

iPhone 7 Plus Pros | iPhone 7 Pro Advantages – Reviews

  1. The very first basic pros of iPhone 7 pro is that it is made even more thinner than the last iPhone 6S which gives it a more sexy and bold look. Moreover the this phone has became more and more sleeky and got a diamond finished crystal clear looks.
  2. Improvement in the sound / audio quality before this there was a quite complaints from the customers that the audio quality of iPhone was not as good compared to other devices. But taking into consideration Apple has taken efforts to improve its quality.

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3) No more headphone, well this may be curse as well as boon for Apple’s iPhone 7 edition but the first wireless headphone has brought by the Apple through this phone.

4) As like wireless headphone Apple has also launched their wireless charger into market. Now the beast iphone will get charge through wireless procedure within small span of time.

5) And the  last merits added to this list is software updation has been increased so the the apps can be easily optimised and phone can run even more faster.

iPhone 7 Plus Cons | iPhone 7 Pro Disadvantages

  1. As the complaints has already got register regarding the iPhone 6S bending of battery. And now the iphone 7 has got more slimmer compared to 6s so the battery issue may get into consideration.
  2. The second main revolutionary change is its 3.5mm Headphone jack has been removed. To make this phone more slimmer instead of that wireless head phone has took place.

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3) In this coming iphone 7 you cannot listen to audio when your phone is being charged.

4) Obviously if you are getting this many features in a single phone then you cant expect the price to be affordable. The estimated cost of iphone 7 can even go after 900$ (USD).

5) If you are thinking about wireless charger and headphone then you need to buy it extra as it is not included in accessories.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Pros | Advantages | Reviews

  1. The all New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 come with the latest and updated version of Android that is Marshmallow. And soon the later device will be coming in the Nougat edition which will be most awaited version of Android.

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2) This bold and elegant device is getting more screen size of 5.7 inch display screen which is increased from the last version of Note 5.

3) Outstanding expandable memory of 256 gb with 64 GB internal memory.

4) This is the most advance locking system ever happened. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has just got the Iris Eye Scanner.  Locking and unlocking system. Now with the blink of your eye you can lock and unlock your phone.

5) Last but not the least Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has got both Dust and Water Proof along with its stick.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cons | Demerits | Disadvantages 

  1. The first disadvantage of Galaxy note is that, the lifetime of battery if you see 3500 mAh is provided for battery life which is very less to handle such a device with all its apps running on it.

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2) The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with a starting tag price of 800$ and more while the graphite, golden and silver back panel may increase its price cost.

3) Only single sim is provided into it.

4) FM has been disable from the galaxy note 7.

5) It is very fragile.

Apple Iphone 7S Price vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Price Comparison

With the release of iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus the apple company is looking for the release of apple iphone 7s mobile in the market. It is enabled with the latest technology so people are very excited about its launch.. Along with the Apple iphone 7s there is one other mobile who is in the competition i.e, Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This will be the biggest ever mobile in samsung galaxy series. As the rumors says it will have a curved display. Well we will see that about in the future but before that lets comapre the expected price of Apple Iphone 7s and Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The 16 GB variant is removed from the entire directory of iphone mobiles.  The available versions will be 32, 64, 128, 256 GB variants. These will cost around 900$ to 1400$ in usa and uk. Alongside in India it will cost around 85000 rs to 120000 rs. On the other hand Samsung galaxy Note 7 will be launched with 64 and 126 gb variants. The cost of 64GB variant will be around 900$ and the cost of samsung galaxy note 7 128 gb variant will be around 1200$.. So this was the price comparison about the samsung galaxy note 7 and Apple iphone 7s. Hope you like it and give it us a big like for sharing this awesome information with you.

So this was Top 5 Pros & Cons of iphone 7 Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Comparison between both the phones. So its now upto you which one to buy, you can go for both the models and compare it. If you like this article do share this on your social sites on the sharing button provided below.

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Top 5 Pros & Cons of iphone 7 Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Comparison
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