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By | December 23, 2016

Iphone 7 Tips and Tricks

Apple is a brand in itself and as we know it is by far the most desired phone in the world. The company is known to release a new iPhone every year which has its unique features that differentiate it from the old iPhones. Even before it is launched there are bookings in huge numbers to get the phone. The day of its launch people stand in line in huge numbers to get the latest iPhones. While some wish to get a new phone some want to exchange their old phones for the new one.

The latest iPhone 7 was launched in the month of September. It offers various features, supports splendid iOS apps that distinguish it from the old ones. These features make it more user-friendly. iPhone is already regarded as the most user friendly phone as it reduces decision making over various things. Following are some of the extra tips and tricks which one must know for smooth functioning of the iPhone 7. Knowing these tips and tricks would enable even smoother functioning of the phone and make apps easily accessible on your phone. Therefore, we bring to you the following tricks:

  1. Wake Your Iphone 7 by Picking Up

The iphone has always had the element of surprise in it and it as continued to dazzle the iphone lovers. It is one of most useful features of the iphone 7 which wakes the displays upon lifting. if you wish to see any notifications, time or anything as such all you have to do is to lift it up there you wake your screen to life. It is easy to unlock your device and quickly check the notifications as well.

  1. Moisture Detector in Iphone 7

Dropping ones phone in water is always a worry and the working of it thereafter. Well, the iphone 7 has an inbuilt detector which alerts you when there is any moisture in your iphone to prevent any damages whatsoever. You can simply turn off your iphone 7 and keep it in this state unless it dries completely. Nevertheless, the iphone 7 has the water technology to ensure minimal damage to your iphone 7.  Just because you drop it into water that doesn’t mean you have to worry, the iphone is just being washed.

  1. No Need to Miss Perfect Pictures

The new iOS 10 feature enables the iphone 7 to take pictures without having to unlock the phone. Just swipe your finger right on the lock-screen there you have the camera ready to take that shot. It has become even easier to enable you to capture every beautiful memory.  Safety is always iphone 7 priority and don’t think the gallery is open, it remains safe even after the shortcut to the camera.


  1. The Overhaul Home Button

The Home Button in your iphone 7is not a regular button it is much more than that. It’s a capacitive, sensor-driven disc that works like the touch screen. The home button uses haptic feedback to stimulate the feel of button. It can be adjusted by going to the general settings and finding the right level of feedback. You can overhaul this feature as per your convenience and after all it is your iphone use it to your need.  Gone is the time when you had to click open your home screen, the new iphone 7 vibrates upon your touch.

  1. Better the Camera Better Is Picture

A perfect picture can be captured by the all new iphone 7 that has revolutionised it camera which is exceptionally outstanding in quality. With a 12MP sensor and a wide aperture allows 50% more light, with 60% faster snapping ability so you can enjoy high quality of photos even in low light. The enhanced flash gives it more boost that has two tones and 4 LEDs making it 50% brighter and reach.

The intensified camera allows you take photos in low light with double the brightness and clarity. You can never miss a perfect picture with the iphone 7 and don’t have to be annoyed by the horrific flickering effect anymore. The flicker sensor stands against all odds to ensure that you have the candid shot with the new iphone 7 features.

  1. Good Camera Means Better Selfies

You can’t afford to be with a just a selfie camera that clicks picture but not to your satisfaction. The overhaul in the camera is not just for the rear camera but in the front-facing camera as well. The front camera has been updated from the 5MP to 7MP to allow you the best selfie that there is. The FaceTIme camera with image stabilisation provides you take the opportunity to take more realistic and natural selfies.

  1. No Headphone Jack

The apple have taken a move and removed the headphone completely. There is no jack for headphone without the port instead they have included a new feature called AirPods. It is easy, portable and convenient to use. Just bring the case close to your iphone 7 open it and it will automatically connect to your iphone 7. They have a sensor that enables them to stop and play songs when it’s in your ears and when it’s not. The AirPods have a strong battery backup that runs for almost 5 hours to allow you a nice music time.

Every time there is a new launch by Apple Inc. they have continued to blow minds of their customers. They have ensured to deliver the best of the technology to allow ease, convenience and cut out any things which renders in slowing down its speed. There is definitely a reason to be awed by the awesome features of the iphone 7. It is the best phone of the era with ultimate features that no other phones in the competition market can even think about.

These are not just any tips but significant to the iphone 7 and well designed to meet your needs in this modern era. The Circumstances demand changes so does the compatibility of the iphone 7 with new features that are ready to blow you away.

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